Turning Pain into Power!

It's hard enough being broken and trying to bring back the pieces together. You didn't see it coming, you were not prepared. Honestly, nobody is, even when we lie to ourselves that we knew it would happen the pain is still the same. Whenever we give love we always expect it to be reciprocated. And... Continue Reading →

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Stay in Your Lane

According to the Urban Dictionary, slay queens are ‘young and naive girls who apparently do not date broke men’. I care less about naivety, what takes my attention is ‘do not date broke men’. The harsh judgment this aspect attracts from the society baffles me, I beg to question. Is it a sin to be... Continue Reading →

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What You Allow, is What Will Continue!

‘Two times three’, she said as she handed her the medicine without a glance. She pulled herself up from the bed and zipped her dress, with tears coming from one eye. She looked up and their eyes met, with sympathy. Zawadi held her hand. As much as she hated the recurring incidents, she couldn't help... Continue Reading →

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Don’t Lose Yourself!

Nairobians or ‘watu wa Nairobi’ as people back in the village call them, that statement has some kind of imaginary powers. Flashing their broken, big screen, infinix phones to intimidate what they refer to as ‘Watu wa ushago’. Drinking straight from the water bottle because they are too good for the river-drawn village water, getting... Continue Reading →

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Sorry Not Sorry!

You are selfish, you think you are better than others; you don’t help other people to reach where you are, but the real question (that people like to ignore or just too ignorant) is ‘who helped you?’ You didn’t just wake up to where you are right now; you paid your dues and struggled for... Continue Reading →

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It’s Always Dark Before The Dawn

You wake up every morning feeling thirsty, you are thirsty for success, for more money, for a good job. You feel like you are running out of time, nothing is working out for you. Looking around your small cheap room depresses you even more. You lie back down on your bed and start asking yourself... Continue Reading →

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The Uncelebrated Divas

As many would be impressed by the trinkets of this world, money, cars, clothes and fame. There is this special type of ladies that don't really care about all that, or maybe they are too busy to notice them. Am talking about the single mothers. Now since we are on the topic of single mothers... Continue Reading →

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It’s Not Me, It’s You

God & ManNo, it’s not me. That’s not the reason why I can’t be with you anymore. It’s not me, it’s you. It’s your inability to be there when I need you, not once or twice, but every single time, it’s your inability to make decisions where you definitively choose me. It’s your incapacity to… via... Continue Reading →


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