It’s Always Dark Before The Dawn


You wake up every morning feeling thirsty, you are thirsty for success, for more money, for a good job. You feel like you are running out of time, nothing is working out for you. Looking around your small cheap room depresses you even more. You lie back down on your bed and start asking yourself where you went wrong, what are you not doing those other successful peers have done?

Your heart is heavy, you are tired of trying, tired of begging for support and tired of all the negativity in your life. One thing people forget is, life is not a rock it doesn’t have to be hard all the time, life is a river just flow with it. This is life and nobody said it will be fair, the sooner you realise that the better.

It’s not you, you are not to blame for what you are going through because hey let’s be realistic. You stayed in school, didn’t get yourself pregnant, didn’t use any kind of drugs to make you drop out of school. You got good grades and you graduated, everyone around you was so proud of you, the relatives, friends and maybe the whole area knows how good of a kid you are.

While in campus especially the fourth year everyone you know is promising you a job, mostly the relatives. I think they say such things out of excitement because 99% of them don’t fulfil that promise. After school, it’s when you start learning life the hard way. There is no one to hold your hand, empty promises, and for the young ladies, almost every man would want to take advantage of you before they give you that non-existent job.

This is your battle, and no one will ever fight it for you. It’s tough and each day you hope and pray that something better would come up. You’ll be disappointed with a few or many job rejections, it’s hard and very depressing. But do you stop and give up or do you keep going and fight for your dreams and goals? Someone said ‘winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.’ This is not the time to quit, you’ve been through hell, you’ve seen it all so why not wait a little longer for your turn? It always gets ugly before it gets beautiful.
You might start comparing yourself with other people, not knowing that we are different in our own ways, and everyone is out here trying to make ends meet. They might not show it but it doesn’t mean they are not going through it. The best thing is not to lose your focus, look at the bigger picture then you’ll see that the struggle is worth it. You don’t know when and where but eventually something good will happen.

I feel for the young men and ladies of this generation, with the corrupt government and ethnicity issues it makes it even worse for them to be anything they want to be in their own country. It’s sadder that some people- especially our leaders- take this issue very lightly. People out here are considering suicide, but they wouldn’t know because we are way too low for them to notice. And they keep wondering why many young men are becoming robbers, you know why? Mostly it’s because of idleness, ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. It’s not something that we condone, but that’s just the way things are.


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