Sorry Not Sorry!


You are selfish, you think you are better than others; you don’t help other people to reach where you are, but the real question (that people like to ignore or just too ignorant) is ‘who helped you?’ You didn’t just wake up to where you are right now; you paid your dues and struggled for everything you have today. The funny part is they saw all that you went through but gave you a blind eye. Now you are here, you don’t have much but you are thankful and content with the little you’ve made for yourself, single-handedly. What I am trying to tell you today is ‘don’t let anyone lag you behind or take you back to where you started’.

Friends are blessings and you can have as many as you need or as few depending on your level of introversive, lol.  At the same time, they can be toxic and bad for your growth and success. If you and your friend are not growing at the same pace, cut him/her off unapologetically. If you have that gossiping, partying and ‘see you next weekend’ kind of friendship please let it go. You might be a go-getter and a very hard working person but with wrong people around you it can slow you and maybe cause a serious damage in your future. Don’t ever feel like it is your duty to stick around a lazy and a messed up friend because they helped you once or twice to get where you are. Always have that ‘yes you helped me thank you and I will help you once you are ready to grow’ kind of attitude, but never stick around because you feel a little guilty.

A family should have your back no matter what, but that doesn’t mean it is their responsibility to help you build your future. People like to get this fact so twisted, yes that is your relative but where is it written they should carry your burden on their backs? Look it up, if you find it kindly share it with me. As much as we like to blame them but the fact still remains ‘it is not their responsibility’ the sooner you realize that, the better for you. Now that you are aware, am here to let you know today that it is also not YOUR responsibility. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, if you are in a position to help them go ahead but don’t let anyone make you feel like you must do it.

Nobody helped you and for those who did, don’t spend your whole entire life to thank them every time they blow up your phone to remind you how they were there for you. They will talk and change but that is okay and this is my favourite quote “people look at you strange saying you changed like you worked that hard to stay the same. Like you doing this for a reason and when it happens most of the time people change, people change around you because they start treating you differently because of your success”. Keyword ‘People’, not YOU.

There is no more religious person in this world like the one going through a hard time, you pray so hard because you believe in God. One thing about prayers, they get answered; you have to be very careful with what you pray for. We ask God to show us the right path, show us who our real friends are, to remove all the negative people in our lives. God will eventually answer your prayers, He will wipe away all the dust around your way, you will elevate and sometimes without your friends. You have to let God do his job and guide you through your whole journey. Trust the process, there are stages to go through on your way to success.

“If you are not motivating me, praying for me, loving me or trying to get money with me, you’re a distraction” – Sean Combs (P.Diddy).


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