Don’t Lose Yourself!

crowded-streets-of-nairobi-kenya_eu7krqlax__F0000Nairobians or ‘watu wa Nairobi’ as people back in the village call them, that statement has some kind of imaginary powers. Flashing their broken, big screen, infinix phones to intimidate what they refer to as ‘Watu wa ushago’. Drinking straight from the water bottle because they are too good for the river-drawn village water, getting good seats at an event and take all the privileges they can receive from them. What people don’t know is ‘watu wa Nairobi’ go through a lot of struggles, sometimes more than the people at the village. But they won’t show it, of course, they need an audience to bow down to them everytime they visit, creating that gap of social class to make them feel better about themselves.

You come to Nairobi with all good moral and behaviours to make a better living for yourself. After a while, the struggles pay off and you land yourself a job and that’s where it all begins. Now you can afford some fake designer clothes, bag, and to go out once in a while. It is okay to treat yourself now and then… but don’t let all the fake Gucci bags get in your head and lose all your morals. Don’t feel now you are better than others because you have gained the forced fake accent, sounding like a broke version of Rihanna every time you open your mouth to speak. Don’t allow yourself to do ‘anything’ to maintain that kind of lifestyle because you will gain the fortune and lose your dignity. Be true to yourself and accept that we can’t all be Kylie Jenner.

Nobody irks me like the ‘I made it’ person; this is a type of person who will spend his last coin to prove he is living a better life than anybody else around him. He is ready to spend 3 quarter of his salary on rent, to show y’all that he lives in a posh neighbourhood. The type of person that has a car but gets the pleasure of driving it only the first 2 weeks of the month, before he goes broke and can’t afford to maintain it anymore. Next thing you know we are on the same queue fighting to get into a ‘matatu’ in the evening (smh). Is it so difficult to be realistic and accept that you can’t live this kind of life? Who are you even trying to impress? Please be true to yourself.

All in all, we also have a person who knows what he/she wants and will stop at nothing till it’s achieved. This is the kind of person that hustles every day and don’t have to go out of character to earn a living. He lives a life he can afford, help parents back at home and doesn’t lose himself in the process. He knows how to say hi, thank you, sorry, excuse me unlike most of the Nairobians who their excuse is ‘Hii ni Nairobi’. What does that even mean? Yes, ‘hii ni Nairobi’ but who are you? Am sure your parents raised you better than that. Be nice and kind. Remember, it could all be gone tomorrow.






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