Mask Off 2: A Blessing In Disguise!

I tried so hard to look shocked or surprised by his statement but I was so excited to pretend. I burst out laughing so hard that it scared him. Okay here is the thing; I’ve known all along that he is a ‘back door shawty’. Ever since I met him, the first day I saw him he had a matching outfit (pink shirt, belt, and shoes) with a pink scarf on his neck. Something seemed off but I had a mission. He thought our meeting was coincidental but it wasn’t. He was an easy target, a sissy that tries to convince the whole world that he is straight. I, on the other hand, just needed a good guy from a rich family. It was more of a win-win situation. ‘Am Pauline’ I said. ‘Patrick’ he said. The words were followed with a smile and I knew this was a done deal.

The first year of our marriage was so smooth, he is genuinely a good guy and I fell in love with him at some point till I met my soul mate. All along I’ve been trying to find a way to leave Patrick without feeling guilty. His presence made me sick and whenever he tried to touch I would literally throw up. He was not as strong as other men and it would take us forever to ‘get it up’. So most of the time I’d pretend to be sick. I wonder how he is doing it with Oscar; I guess he is the bottom. I tried so hard to bring the spark back but after the first encounter with my soul mate, I knew for sure I would never open up my legs for

Patrick again. I couldn’t stand him; I wanted him out of my life, for good.
Then an opportunity presented itself and I jumped on it. For the last six months, Patrick has been glowing and weirdly happy. I suspected that something was not right, so I did my homework. I started with the guest room that he insists to sleep in every Sunday after Lenah and Oscar leave. Patrick is smart he tried so hard to cover his tracks. But am the woman of the house, I run this house. So if there is anything fishy going on in my house I will definitely find out. I made it a habit of spreading clean white sheets in the guest room every Sunday morning before Lenah and Oscar arrived. Then I would go on Monday morning after he leaves for work and I was not surprised. The stains were a clear indication that my husband was enjoying some good beefcake.

The day I saw a message from ‘Caro’ from his phone I panicked but then I looked closely and the number looked familiar. I knew the owner of the number ‘Oscar’, but he played with the letters to come up with Caro only without the ‘S’. Pretty clever, huh? When he came in, I faked the whole scene and acted a victim and I played that role so well for months. I could have just told him that I know his little secret but I was having so much fun pretending. Plus I wanted him to come clean and admit everything. So here we are, now I can leave him peacefully with all my dignity intact. There is one thing Patrick doesn’t know, for the last 3 months I’ve been taking Lenah to the Hospital because she is too embarrassed to go by herself.

He grabbed my hand ‘why are you laughing?’ he shouted. ‘Am just happy, you finally get to admit everything’ I sad. The look on his face was hysterical, ‘You knew?’ he asked. ‘What do you think I am, stupid? Of course, I knew!’ I pushed him so he could let go of my hand. ‘Maybe we can now have a threesome, I’ve been dreaming about that for so long’ I said while laughing so hard it made my stomach hurt a little. I don’t know what he was thinking because I couldn’t read his face but it wasn’t good. ‘Almost forgot, baby, before we plan that threesome, you might want to get tested’. I said, still laughing.

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