Bed of Lies 3!

Halima went straight to Hassan’s bedroom and banged the door with fury. The rage suddenly departed when his wife opened the door instead of him. Halima went from a lion to a rat in a second, trying her best to hide her watery eyes. “Can I help you?” Samira asked, for the first time in her life she was dumbfounded. The speech she rehearsed on her way was replaced with a sour, huge lump in her throat. She knew the moment she opened her mouth to speak; the words will be accompanied by tears. Halima just shook her head and walked away from her.

Hassan’s mind was spinning. The back and forth pacing he was doing in the backyard of their mansion didn’t help. He needed assurance that his father used protection with Halima. He could clearly feel his heart pounding. “I need to get to the bottom of this now or I’ll lose it,” he said to himself. He commenced the mission of finding Halima which didn’t take long because he bumped into her at the front door.

“Come here you slut”, he grabbed her by the arm, “Have you been using the protection with my father?” The sound of that sentence almost shocked him too. “What do you mean?” asked Halima worriedly. His eyes bulged in anger, “please don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about”.  He punctuated each word with a punch on his fist, “Have you been using protection?” Her nose wrinkled, “No, why?” Hassan’s heart dropped. He held his head and cried openly, confusing the hell out of Halima. “This is bad, this is very bad, you killed me.” Confused by the whole situation Halima left him alone.

After telling her roommate Asha everything, they concluded that the best way to revenge is to tell Samira everything. After Mzee’s wife passed on, Samira had been the backbone of the family. First, she had married the firstborn, Hassan. Secondly, she was more intelligent than her own husband and his father put together. Thirdly and most importantly, she owned more shares of the family’s company. This happened when Mzee found out that he was HIV positive. He thought any day anytime he would die. So he paid less attention to the company and it all crumbled. Samira saw an opportunity and ran with it. That’s how she became the biggest shareholder of the company. Coming from money it was a walk in the park for Samira to take over the company.

“Yes, una nini?” asked Samira. Halima didn’t hold back, she explained everything that happened in details, from the beginning. Samira’s stomach turned, she didn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you done?” she asked when Halima stopped talking and started crying instead. She nodded. “I’m so sorry for what happened to you Halima that is very wrong. Why didn’t you report them or talk to someone about it?” she asked, wiping her tears. She noticed she had dark circles under her eyes. “I didn’t have an option” Halima cried. “That’s not true, you had an option, we always have an option but you were enjoying everything.”

“You were enjoying every moment with Mzee, thinking he loves you, well newsflash, that man doesn’t love anybody. He doesn’t even love himself and that’s why he is letting HIV kill him slowly. Oh, I guess he didn’t tell you about it. And Hassan is such a dog, you are not the first house help he has been shagging, I busted him with the previous one before you and that’s why she was fired. Since that day I haven’t been sleeping with him without protection and I turned my pain into power. I’ve been working so hard to make sure I have something to show for myself because the best revenge Halima is your paper. You were focused on having a good life that I’m working hard for, all of you. Do you think I’m working my ass off so you can all lay on a king size bed and enjoy each other’s company effortlessly? You thought wrong, with all experience you have, you could have just walked away and gotten another job, but no, you wanted to get it easy. Life doesn’t work like that. You have to earn everything you need, you need to hold your ground and say ‘no’ to whoever wants to take advantage of you. Well, you made your bed and now just like other times, you have no option but to lay on it, all of you. I have to call my lawyer, sorry Halima.”



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