Man Enough!

He said:

I was molested and talked about it; does that make me less of a man?

I don’t put my hands on women; does that make me less of a man?

I prefer talking and not fighting; does that make me less of a man?

I cry every now and then; does that make me less of a man?

I’m saving myself for marriage; does that make me less of a man?

I cook and clean; does that make me less of a man?

I care too much; does that make me less of a man?

I respect women; does that make me less of a man?

I talk about my feelings; does that make me less of a man?

I love bright colours; does that make me less of a man?

I love hanging out with my sisters; does that make me less of a man?

I said:

Son, you are more than a man. Actually, more of a man than thousands of weak men who claim to be “Men.” Do you understand the strength you have to stand out and be yourself in a society that expects you to be a certain type of way? A society that can’t even decide if they like ‘good guys’ because “they always finish last“

A society that celebrates tough, strong men till their aggression becomes too much and their daughters come home with black eyes. A society that majority of men will never admit publicly that they do some chores, respect and love women, take care of their responsibilities without feeling weak.

It’s okay to cry and express your feelings because other than being a man, you are human first and humans have feelings. And who knows how long you have been holding on and putting on a brave face for the society that doesn’t even know half of what you are dealing with? Society’s expectations should not turn you into a monster without feelings. So, CRY and let it all out.

We are living in a very strange world that respecting and doing right to women is considered a sign of weakness. They are willing to bend over backwards to prove to the world that they are men enough.  Unfortunately, most of the time this can’t be done without women having to suffer the consequences. Beat, insult and disrespect your wife today and see yourself elevating to the higher level of “Manhood.”  Newsflash, to disrespect a woman is to disrespect humanity.

As Boona Muhammad said, “And the first chance that you get, make sure you lose your virginity because, like any good soldier, we are defined by our weapons and a man who doesn’t fire his will have you second-guessing.” Sarcastic? Yes, but where is the lie? Do we agree that we are putting more focus on pleasing people that won’t even matter 10 years to come? If you want to save yourself for marriage or for someone special, I don’t see why not.

So no, you are not weak, you are not less of man, you are different and that’s beautiful.

You can’t measure manhood with a tape line around his biceps.”

Billy Sunday



10 thoughts on “Man Enough!

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  1. I like seeing the world through your eyes.
    You have quite interesting ideologies.
    I think stereotypy makes the world grey, boring; and it is our differences that change the amplitudes of these repetitious waves.. Our diversity is our strength.

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  2. Well said!
    The society barely allows men to be; but I believe it’s more of a cultural dimension that will fizz out sooner or later but we still have to be careful to balance the masculine/feminine culture dimension understanding it’s pros and cons.


    1. Masculinity/femininity have become so confusing. Expectations are so high on boychild and very low on girlchild. I agree we must balance, thanks for reading.


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