Everything by Nas!

With everything happening in this world music is my go to. Music gives me peace, confidence and sometimes fresh knowledge. I’m very choosy when it comes to lyrics and I have zero tolerance in trash music, I don’t entertain mumble rap lol. I love music that I can relate to, music that makes me think, music that challenges my mind. That’s why Kendrick Lamar is my favourite rapper of all time. In 2018 we’ve had all sorts of music and albums but I will highlight one of my favourites in 2018.

I was watching Nas’s 16-minute film (Nasir) and one song caught my attention, everything. Everything is a song in his recent album (Nasir) which was produced by Kanye West. The song features The Dream and Kanye. The song highlights “Everything” just like the title says, from the discrimination, his personal life, wealth, to biased media.

The hook will immediately grab your attention and this is how it goes:

Your love and your heart
See ’cause you’ve never been the same as anyone else
Don’t think the same as everyone else
Your love and your heart
See you’ll never conclude with anyone else
Don’t think the same as everyone else

After the chorus, Nas quickly jumps in with a powerful line “When the media slings mud, we use it to build huts” in this line I assume he is referring to the media throwing negative criticism and only portrays the negative side of black people. He is telling people to take that negative stuff and build something positive from it. And this goes to everyone basically, when someone throws some shade, just use it to build yourself and make yourself much stronger.

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Another line that made me pause for a second is “People do anything to be involved in everything, Inclusion is a hell of a drug”. This hits hard when you think about it. Majority of the people want to fit in forgetting that you can be a lot better standing out. I think this relates to the trends (i.e fashion, music), people like moving in masses and I agree with Nas, inclusion is a hell of a drug. Trust me, sometimes you are better off on your own.

In verse two, he highlights the discrimination of black people in the US. He says “If Starbucks is bought by Nestlé, please don’t arrest me I need to use your restroom and I ain’t buy no espresso”. In this line, he is referring to the incident that happened back in April when a black man wasn’t allowed to use the restroom without buying in Starbucks while the same rule didn’t apply to white people. You can watch the clip here.

In the third and last verse, Nas basically talks about his life, how he evolved as a man. From buying mansions in his twenties, running around with money, to a grown, chill man. He says, “’til Lambos got average on me. I started likin’ the look like I ain’t had no money. Yellow taxi seats over Maybach seats, Just to remind me, just to inspire me. To stay focused, it’s a real sick society”.

It is a sick society and I would encourage y’all to take your time to listen to this track, I promise you won’t regret it. You will learn a thing or two and it might even humble you lol.

Listen to it and comment a line that catches your attention and you can also suggest a song (hip-hop) that you would like me to review.

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