Just Like You – By Joyner Lucas!

I don’t know about y’all but I definitely want my child to come to me for advice, basically look up to me as a role model. Joyner Lucas is one of the hottest upcoming rappers right now, he was featured in Eminem’s song “Luck You” in his recent album Kamikaze. His videos are like short stories, he is not the “money, drugs, hoes” type of a rapper, you will not see half-naked women twerking in his videos, at least not from the videos I’ve watched. His messages are always deep and “Just like you” was not an exception.

The song is generally about irresponsible parents that have refused to grow and don’t set a good example to their kids. Verse one starts with a little boy spitting some knowledge to his father telling him how he doesn’t want to be “just like him.”

…Fuck around and die and go to hell and shit
Yo, I don’t wanna be jobless
And I don’t wanna be heartless
Run around, tryna start shit
Pickin’ fights, thinkin’ I’m hot shit

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The chorus will be so hurtful if your child one day will turn around and say these words on your face “I don’t wanna be nothing like you, I don’t wanna be anything like you.” Most of the parents want their children to be better people and have something to show for themselves, it makes them proud. But for the child to turn out like that you will have to set a good example and allow yourself to grow into a better parent every single day. Who doesn’t want to hear his/her child saying that he is his role model instead of some random celebrity? You can do better, you can be better.

Verse two is a little girl reading her mother to filth lol with very strong words. She says:

Uh, I don’t wanna be hopeless
A pretty girl with no focus
A single mom with like four kids
Never had much, never owned shit
And no school and no diplomas
Dropped out and don’t know shit…

Image result for just like you by joyner

I think my biggest fear in this world is my child not coming to me for advice or just homework because she thinks I’m dumb. It’s very scary. Children mingle with other children in schools, playgrounds etc and they see how other smart mothers treat their children and how they carry themselves. You are just there, dropped out of school, no diploma, you don’t know shit, do you think your child would want to come to you for lame advice?  be content with fucked up life? How would you feel as a parent waking up every morning with no purpose, no ambition, nothing? I understand parenting doesn’t come with a manual, but neither is understanding yourself, just like anything new, it is a work in progress. The more you practice the better you become at it and the longer you practice, the more comfortable you feel. Try to work on yourself every single day to become a better parent.

Verse three sums up everything, despite the parent’s flaws and imperfections, we need them here.

I need someone to look up to
A role model I can run to
When I feel lost and I’m confused

I need you to be here, regardless
Teach me how to be there for my kids
Show me how to be fearless often
I need real guidance, I ain’t scared of options
Because of you, I’ve got a clearer conscience
Because of you, I’m not scared of monsters
Because of you, I’m not afraid of failure  

I hope everyone finds whatever they are looking for, beat the odds and become the person you want to be, for the sake of you and your children. It’s never too late, don’t give up on yourself and I wish you nothing but the best.

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