Is Darasa a one-hit wonder?

Nothing is as sexy as a hardcore man confessing his love to the world. I’m talking about one and only Darasa, a rapper from Tanzania. In January 2019, he dropped a song Chanda Chema featuring Marioo. In this hit, Darasa confessed his love in a very gangster-romantic way. Marioo came through with the vocals, the chorus will grab your attention immediately. Darasa admits that he will cross the ocean and all for his woman. I honestly loved this song, it showed another side of Darasa that many people didn’t know.

Image result for darasa and marioo
Darasa: photo by DJ Colo

Darasa created a lot of buzz with his hit song Muziki which featured Ben Pol back in 2016.  After that song, he went M.I.A and people called him a one-hit wonder including King Kaka. In his recent song featuring Tracy Morgan, Royalty, Kaka says, “Mi mwalimu Kaka vile nawakilisha Darasa/ Wao ni one hit wonder warudi kwa Darasa.” Other than being a one-hit wonder, rumour had it that he was using drugs. In the midst of all this, Darasa remained silent until December 2018 when he dropped his single Achia Njia and I must admit, he still got it. Not that I’ve doubted his pen but this was much needed to silence the haters and all the rumours going around.

From his Instagram page, Darasa seems consistent in the studio and doing media tours. After all, said and done, do you still think Darasa in a one-hit-wonder?

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