“Coming to you as a woman”

The question was, has any lady ever “come to you as a woman?” Unfortunately, most of the people didn’t understand the question so I ended up getting hilarious and interesting responses. From what I got, most of the ladies have got the call from another woman and some have made or tempted to make the call. “Coming to you as a woman” is an expression women say when they want to confront another woman, most of the time it’s about their cheating husband/boyfriend.

Here is the thing, and I know a lot of females will agree, never confront another woman unless she is family, friend or someone you know. Why? because you don’t know who you are dealing with, you don’t know how the other woman would react to your nasty attitude. People will drag you through the mud and read you to filth. She (the other woman) don’t owe you anything, not loyalty, not respect, not honesty, nothing. You are not married to her or dating her. The one and the only person you need to check and call out is your lying and cheating husband/boyfriend. Only insecure and delusional women would blame everybody else except that only person that owes them loyalty.

I know its hard to accept that the person you love doesn’t feel the same way about you. So you look for anybody or anything to blame and make excuses for his behaviour. But it’s about time we hold these men accountable, let them take the responsibilities for making you look stupid to everyone. They are both equally responsible for hurting you and maybe breaking your home but again, you are not married/dating her. With everything going on, try as much as possible not to be a Khloe Kardashian. Trust me, it is stupid and embarrassing.

Instead of “coming to you as a woman” why don’t you have the “coming to you as a human” attitude. Be a little respectful because the one you want to blame so bad might not have an idea that he is married or dating, yes, they can lie that good. The other woman also has feelings and might get hurt as much as you because maybe she thought she was the “only one” too. And if you are the ‘other woman’ and his wife has confronted you in a very respectful way,  you have no choice but to explain your side of the story (truth) in a very respectful way, you owe her that.

Bottom line, ladies we have to deal with the problem from the roots. The problem is your husband/boyfriend, not the other woman. If you don’t agree, ask yourself how many women you are willing to fight just to keep that dirty mack, who doesn’t respect you or your feelings.

*Mic Drop*

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