“Coming to you as a woman”

The question was, has any lady ever "come to you as a woman?" Unfortunately, most of the people didn't understand the question so I ended up getting hilarious and interesting responses. From what I got, most of the ladies have got the call from another woman and some have made or tempted to make the... Continue Reading →

Is Darasa a one-hit wonder?

Nothing is as sexy as a hardcore man confessing his love to the world. I'm talking about one and only Darasa, a rapper from Tanzania. In January 2019, he dropped a song Chanda Chema featuring Marioo. In this hit, Darasa confessed his love in a very gangster-romantic way. Marioo came through with the vocals, the... Continue Reading →

Poetic Justice!

A very bright light hit directly in my eyes, for a second I thought I would be blind. I got on my knees and used both my hands to cover my eyes. My heart started pounding, my mind darting trying to figure out what was going on. I started shouting but I was so terrified... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Tyranny 3!

Surprisingly, my education didn’t wash away my Islam (add sarcasm), neither did my husband’s race. If only we could look past the race, religion and outward appearance of the person.

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