Spiritual Tyranny 3!

Surprisingly, my education didn’t wash away my Islam (add sarcasm), neither did my husband’s race. If only we could look past the race, religion and outward appearance of the person.


Spiritual Tyranny 2!

My first experience was so painful but I thank God he was gentle and he would stop whenever I made an uncomfortable sound. He was a white almost 50 year old man, his energy was that of a 20 year old but his wrinkles sold him out. Zuhura prepared me psychologically but it didn’t make... Continue Reading →

Respect the Paedophile? No Thanks!

This has been sitting on my mind way too long and I just can’t take it anymore. On 19th June an independently organized TEDx event posted, and then removed, a talk from the TEDx YouTube channel that the event organizer had titled: “Why our perception of paedophilia has to change.” I don’t know about you... Continue Reading →

Tables Turn, Lesson Learned!

After snoozing the alarm for the third time, I was convinced that I’m fully awake. But then I decided to rest my eyes for a second before getting out of my new king size bed. “Who would even leave this comfortable bed to go and slave from 8-5?” I scoffed. “Shit” my heart started racing... Continue Reading →


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