Bed of Lies

In his bed, Mzee knew that his time has come. He ordered his children to take him back home because ‘the smell of the medicine in the hospital made him sicker.’ His older son, Hassan, was against it but Mzee’s mind was made up and there was nothing he could do about it. At home... Continue Reading →

Don’t Lose Yourself!

Nairobians or ‘watu wa Nairobi’ as people back in the village call them, that statement has some kind of imaginary powers. Flashing their broken, big screen, infinix phones to intimidate what they refer to as ‘Watu wa ushago’. Drinking straight from the water bottle because they are too good for the river-drawn village water, getting... Continue Reading →

Sorry Not Sorry!

You are selfish, you think you are better than others; you don’t help other people to reach where you are, but the real question (that people like to ignore or just too ignorant) is ‘who helped you?’ You didn’t just wake up to where you are right now; you paid your dues and struggled for... Continue Reading →

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