The Melancholy 2!

Vipi sista that’s how he greets me every evening he passed by our place. Hamza is my husband’s youngest brother, I'm not sure if he came every day to see his brother or my son, Aziz. He made it his business to walk my son every evening after school and buy him snacks. Like I... Continue Reading →

Mask Off 2: A Blessing In Disguise!

I tried so hard to look shocked or surprised by his statement but I was so excited to pretend. I burst out laughing so hard that it scared him. Okay here is the thing; I’ve known all along that he is a ‘back door shawty’. Ever since I met him, the first day I saw... Continue Reading →

Mask Off!

Candle lit dinner, wine and bubble bath sprinkled with red petals. This has been going on for the last 2 weeks. Am trying so hard not scream out loud & hide the grossed out look on my face. I love her, I’ve always loved her. Nothing has changed; I just wish she could see that... Continue Reading →

Don’t Lose Yourself!

Nairobians or ‘watu wa Nairobi’ as people back in the village call them, that statement has some kind of imaginary powers. Flashing their broken, big screen, infinix phones to intimidate what they refer to as ‘Watu wa ushago’. Drinking straight from the water bottle because they are too good for the river-drawn village water, getting... Continue Reading →

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