East Kwa MaBeast by King Kaka!

“Shule ya rap niligraduate from sunguch to a GOAT,” For those who don’t know GOAT means (Greatest of All Time).

Whew, King Kaka is not playing with Y’all. His recent album EASTLANDO ROYALTY which was released on 30th November 2018, has nothing but straight hits. King Kaka went all out at his album launch, shit, he even proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes, sorry single ladies. Everybody that is somebody was at the launch even Kaka Sungura was invited lol. King Kaka featured some of the greatest artists in his album, from Roman Virgo, H_art the Band, Atemi to Tracy Morgan.


Kaka Sungura and Pascal Tokodi

East Kwa Mabeast is one of my favourite songs from his album because it is too deep, the wordplay is sick and the flow is ill. I would like to think that this was Sunguch’s song and not King Kaka’s, because Sunguch tends to be so deep with his lyrics. Y’all remember Adisia? Yeah, that was Sunguch and Dundaing is King Kaka’s type of music, that’s how I feel.


Mr and Mrs Ombima

I would like to think that this particular song is a summary of his life and how he thinks about everything. He touches everything in just one song, his childhood, relationship with his father, the beefs, how he feels about the government, fake pastors etc. King Kaka is one of the few rappers who aren’t scared of calling out the government, in this song he says:

Na huyu politician ni mjinga, ndani ya SUV anajificha aje?

Actually sisi ndio wajinga aje? Na kura bado tutapiga aje

Potholes zinahitaji lifeguard juu zimejaa maji

na akipita ako na 5 cars, ohh reminder hiyo ni ganji yako yaani your tax

basi parliament iitwe bedroom

huyu tu ni Kaka anawaAttack, hizo manifesto ni whack.

He didn’t stop there, he went ahead and addressed his beef with Sauti Sol. I’m about as tired as he is with this beef, it’s been a whole year and people keep asking about it. It all started when King Kaka did an interview and he insinuated that Sauti Soul hasn’t done anything for the industry, then Sauti did a whole interview with Mpasho clapping back, you can watch it here. It has just been back and forth since then and King Kaka keeps on saying that he doesn’t have beef with them. I hope y’all stop asking him about it after this line, “for the last time mi sina beef na Sauti,” he said.

The most interesting thing I like about King Kaka is his transparency. He has been talking about his childhood since day 1, he didn’t have much growing up but that didn’t stop him. He said, “Sijakushow kwetu tulikuwa best friends na njaa, ceiling yetu haikuwa best friends na taa.”

He also talked about his relationship with his father and it is very clear that it wasn’t a good relationship, he said, “Closing day nimengoja hadi 3 na dad hakushow up.” He has talked about it on his other song he did with Amos and Josh a while back called “Baadaye.”

Through all the struggles, what he is trying to say is everything is possible because right now he is a very successful man with businesses, tv show, record label etc.

Thank God kila weekend niko kwa class, I mean 1st class kwa ndege.


Check out the song and tell me what you think.



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